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About Us

We are Technology Enthusiasts

We are Technology Enthusiasts!

At Symphony , we combine emerging technologies with high-quality talent solutions to build teams. We combine our passion for innovation with proven methodologies and industry-specific talent to provide our clients in creating a better future through accelerating success. We adhere to the highest standards in every deliverable, and leverage the capabilities of the Cloud, AI, ML, Cybersecurity to help businesses embrace digital transformation.

Our Offerings

Symphony is a trusted partner for businesses because of our commitment to excellence and impeccable standards for every deliverable. We leverage the capabilities of the
Intelligence (AI)
Learning (ML)
to help businesses embrace digital transformation. Our support in enterprise application development endeavors with DevOps, agile, and test automation.
Our Vision
Create a technology-focused workforce, and the best technical solutions for clients.
Our Mission
Create inclusive work culture, empower the workforce to create and share ideas. We believe in crafting a win-win environment for the workforce and clients.
Core values
Our core values aim to unite customers, partners, and processes, around our mission. Together, let’s continue to do great things.

Our Office

We operate across 70+ markets throughout the United States and Europe. Our clients benefit through our delivery centers in the United States and India.

Inclusivity in Diversity

Our goal is to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at workplace. We intend to continue to increase employee satisfaction and create consistency with our corporate values.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We partner with organizations around the world to drive positive change and make a lasting impact. We aim to strengthen communities by creating long-term partnerships that tackle social challenges. We encourage employees to use their business skills and expertise to make a difference in the world.

Transformation through togetherness

We are a dynamic team of strategic innovators driven by the desire to help businesses grow. Together we help you achieve your business goals with our professional acumen, technological edge, and creativity. This converts your problem to a solution and helps you embrace digital transformation successfully.
Accelerate your Business Transformation and amplify your Future.
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