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Our workplaces are constantly going through a fundamental transformation. New technologies like Automation and AI are replacing human tasks and jobs and changing the skills-sets that organizations are looking for. Therefore identifying the best career path according to ever changing landscape is crucial to your success. We bring together the best technology solutions and talent under one global platform.
At Symphony, we value our employees and support their dreams and every initiative. We care, recognize and treat every employee as a part of the Symphony family. The environment and culture we create encourages a commitment to excellence. Symphony Labs initiative provides you with ample opportunities to research, learn and innovate. It allows you to upgrade and enhance your skills which increases your horizon and exposure to the market. Together, we intend to develop great business solutions and act as a catalyst in your Career Transformation Journey.

Inclusive and Diverse Environment

Inclusion and diversity are an essential part of our culture. We embrace talent across diverse backgrounds and life experiences to create a work environment where people feel empowered to thrive professionally. We nurture an inclusive work environment and create a culture that motivates performance, creativity, and innovation.

Powering women back to work

At Symphony, we welcome every woman who intends to rejoin the workforce after a break. This initiative is close to our heart and so we leave no stone unturned to support woman workforce. We understand that more women than men are often forced to take a career break due to personal reasons leaving behind a thriving career. Returning to work after a break is tough for a lot of women employees. We have designed special mentoring programs to inspire and empower women technologists for a comeback. Women can learn, ideate, and gain global experience through these programs.

Symphony: Your Skill Enhancement Center

Symphony Labs is our research center for Training and Development. We provide well-researched and customized training programs that enhance skills. We encourage our employees to constantly think out -of -the -box ideas. Our commitment to fostering an environment of creative thinking helps our employees develop and grow professionally. We have build a culture of collaboration and developed an eco-system that inspires them to achieve their goals. Our inclusive approach to employees, recognizes their changing needs and provides ample opportunities to re-invent themselves. The lab acts as a Knowledge Center that has helped our employees become a part of multiple start-ups with cutting-edge technologies, fortune 500 companies etc.
Our well-designed training programs, formal onboarding, superior operational support, and tools improve skills and develop great individuals.
We are passionate in helping you achieve your goals. Let’s ignite your future together.
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