Test Automation

Lower costs while increasing productivity with quality assurance automation

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Why Test Automation

Software testing is a critical component of software development projects. Automated testing tools have been developed to increase their effectiveness and efficiency. They are fast to create and can be performed quickly and repeatedly. They provide feedback and results more efficiently than manual testing so developers can focus on what matters – building great software.

Re-imagine Quality with Symphony

We deliver end-to-end QA to support your software and infrastructure quality, speed, and change. We re-imagine the role of QA in your organization, creating an intelligent and automated ecosystem that delivers quality and speed as you embrace technological change.

Our Services

At Symphony, we combine the power of automation in different environments like Web and Mobile Applications, APIs, and Databases, with great usability and customizable options. We provide an easy-to-use testing solution that helps you validate and verify user interfaces, APIs, and databases. Our tools are easy to use, cost-effective, and come with built-in plugins for popular Continuous Integration servers like Jenkins. Our Symphony Labs supports continuous research and training that inspires innovative culture and environment.

Our Approach

Our experts at Symphony, determine a variety of parameters, such as the input source for test cases or scripts, availability of information, development methodology, and system criticality to create a successful automation strategy. It is done in different stages: unit, integration, regression, acceptance, and load. Our test automation framework combines multiple automation components like Modelers, Engines, Libraries, and Adapters to provide end-to-end test automation.


Automation drives Quality and delivers security. The annualized return on investment (ROI) on an automated QE program is 55% less than that of a manual approach.
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